are friends electric?

Andrew Howells


I never thought I’d ever have another wow moment with a car. I’ve no plans to buy a Porsche, although I like fast, so was surprised when an electric rental gave me a buzz. It’s a brand new Hyundai Kona and sits right up there with first flooring my VW Corrado Storm BC, before children, and a very sensible, second-hand Mercedes Kompressor. The joy of being able to finally afford a real car with a bit of refinement, years after starting our business.

Our friends electric

Gary Numan was my first thought when thinking of a title this week. Cars was his most successful single, discovered in my first year at Newcastle University. And that only made sense because of Our Friends Electric as a subtitle. It would have fitted neatly, although incorrect. I’d no idea he’d been asking us a question all this time.

Serves me right

I’ve been researching electric cars for a while now. Nothing too intensive, a mild distraction from the ad bait served while wasting time whiling away my retirement. Serves me right, literally.

Electric is here

Without getting too distracted by the technology, choice and performance are improving fast. Tesla, who set the standard early is being caught by traditional manufacturers who’ve woken up to the…