It started with a kiss

Andrew Howells
5 min readFeb 16, 2024

Is Sammy the thin end of our wedge?

As you might have gathered from the last couple of weeks, I’ve taken a break from all things climate armageddon. My inbox, which neatly organises mail by subject currently stands at 247 unread under the heading of climate. Lots of really good journalists with well written pieces on so many worthy issues with dire consequences if we don’t do something now. Typically the scientific community reporting the facts is met by cloth-eared power-mongers who either ignore the evidence or try and play nice by pandering with weak, watered down nothingness — did they even listen?

Case in point, what does the lily-livered Kier Starmer (UK Labour party leader) think he’s doing?

I could write the whole of this week’s piece on my feelings about the green new deal u-turn, but more talented journos than me have already dissected and nuanced the shit out of that pathetic decision. What was a vote winner, a new leaf of hope and optimism, a breath of fresh air after the sleaze and corruption of recent times is now regarded as political weakness, ready for exploitation come election time.

Back to my break from climate catastrophe, cup of camomile being sipped peacefully in hand.