What I like about Tesla and ethical mince pies

Andrew Howells
7 min readDec 8, 2023

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I’m waiting for my car, next door to the showroom. That’s a good sign given it’s only 09:30am. The Tesla app has been flagging an expected finish of 1:00pm. It gives them plenty of wiggle room.

The technician’s text, who did a quick meet and greet before whisking the car away is expecting to have it back to me in about an hour.

That means time for breakfast and a phone browse rather than a long camp out wishing the clock along.

My protracted search a couple of weeks ago, came to the conclusion that Tesla Park Royal (London) for winter tyres and wheels was going to be less hassle than finding a third party independent.

I thought I’d struck lucky when I found Mr Winter Tyres, aptly named, but they didn’t want to supply Tesla tyre pressure monitors. An interesting chat revealed that the winter tyres market has all but dried up. No one needs them anymore because UK winters are typically wetter and milder. Punters still in the market, tend to opt for all season or all weather tyres.

There were two things I liked about my Tesla experience and one I didn’t. Being invited to have a chat with the technician is a good idea. The system auto-sends a text the day before identifying who’ll be working on your car. It’s a nice touch when you have the opportunity to say hello when you arrive.

I also liked the text a few minutes later when he’d started the work, telling me roughly when it would be finished.

What I didn’t like was being charged 50p for the hot water plus tea bag in a cardboard cup. It used to be free. Now they’re cheapening the experience in order to save pennies or make more money.

It begs the question, how much does a Tesla have to cost before a cup of tea in a china cup is included? A biscuit would be nice too.

Has anyone else noticed that the cost of insuring a car has gone up? Previous explorations into one or two Tesla chat forums revealed many long and vociferous complaints.